To upload a file to an s3 bucket:

s3m /path_to/file <s3 provider>/<bucket>/file

For example if using this ~/.s3m/config.yml:

    region: eu-central-1
    access_key: ACCESSKEY
    secret_key: SECRETKEY

To upload a file to aws to a bucket named backup you could do:

s3m /path/to/file aws/backup/file

aws is the S3 provider, backup is the bucket


You could pipe the output of your application or a file for example:

mysqldump | xz -c | s3m --pipe <s3 provider>/<bucket>/dump.sql

The s3 provider could be aws from the previous example.


When streaming, a canned ACL for the object can be defined if using option -a/--acl <acl>, for example to make the object public:

s3m /path_to/file <s3 provider>/<bucket>/file -a public-read


To add a custom, user-defined object metadata x-amz-meta-*, the option -m/--meta can be used, for example:

s3m /path_to/file <s3 provider>/<bucket>/file -m "key1=value1;key2=value2"

This will create the object with the following metadata:

x-amz-meta-key1: value1
x-amz-meta-key2: value2